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At Big Boys Clan we like pint-sized warriors and LOVE big dogs. We are a professional, reliable and friendly pet service company that offers an array of services for dogs of all breeds. Big Boys Clan specializes in taking care of large dogs of all temperaments. Not neutered? Not trained? Energetic? Aggressive? Barker? Wants to dominate one and all? We have the capacity and the skill to happily groom/walk/board your Alpha companion. As responsible as we are passionate, Big Boys Clan is properly registered, licensed, insured and bonded. We offer dog walking, boarding and grooming services on a regular and ad hoc basis. Big Boys Clan™ clients are able to work long hours guilt-free, knowing that their dogs will go for proper walks and receive the attention they require. Our clients are able to rest easy during their trips and vacations, secure in the knowledge that their dogs are well cared for while they are away. We know how to handle all the great and not-so-great dog behavior, and once your dog is in our expert care, your time is truly yours with no unwelcome interruptions. Big Boys Clan is the only dog service company in Toronto that will NOT call you for immediate pick up should your dog exhibit aggressive behavior. In fact, we expect that he/she might. For us, a dog sweetness and politeness is not a requirement, just a bonus. Big Boys Clan is able to step in at short notice and provide an array of services tailored to your dog and your circumstances. Please contact us for details on overnight stays, vet visits, last-minute walks and weekends, and vacation stays. We are the effortless solution for all Alpha dog care needs.